Blackhat techniques exposed

I read an interesting story the other day about the tricks behind Google search results poisoning with links to sites infected with malicious software. Read more »

Resultset Paging with Yii Framework

I’ve been playing around with Yii Framework lately. Here’s how I ended up doing pagination with the resources that are provided. Now, one of the goals was not to rely on a complete solution provided by the framework itself but to understand and work with the building blocks myself. Read more »

Kohana MVC Framework on Google App Engine … or not

Feeling inspired from getting PHP to work on the Google App Engine, I decided to try to see if I can get the Kohana MVC framework to run on top GAE as well. Read more »

Running Quercus PHP on App Engine

Here are the steps I took to get PHP running on Google App Engine.

Since PHP is not supported by GAE as of this writing, we need to run it on the Java platform that is supported.

Fortunately, there’s a PHP 5 implementation in Java that let’s us do just that. The thing is called Quercus PHP and is developed by Caucho. Read more »

Multi level hierarchy in MySQL

The other day at work I had to set up  and retrieve a hierarchical structure similar to the one shown here on the picture of the Shakespeare’s family tree. Read more »

Differences between MySQL and MS SQL

To continue on the differences between PHP and C# theme, here’s a list of most striking differences between MySQL and MS SQL: Read more »

Differences between PHP and C#

I figured I’d create a list of differences between PHP and C# in case I (or someone else)  ever need a reference. I’m sure there are a lot of those difference, but I’m going to add the ones that struck me as the most obvious ones, and the ones that one needs to remember when switching from PHP to C#. Read more »


WP installed…check!

Theme installed…check!
Read more »