Make jQuery autocomplete plugin accept json

Just wanted to quickly share a little hack, if you will, that makes the jQuery autocomplete plugin to accept json output. Read more »

DuckDuckGo Transition Assistant

I’ve recently switched to as my default search engine in Chrome. What I noticed, however, is that I kept wondering after every search what would the search result be on Google, and did I miss perhaps some important link. Read more »

Useful PHP functions

Some useful stuff I’ve come across; implemented in PHP etc. Read more »

Simple PHP Task Queue

Here’s a simple task queue implementation that I’ve started using. It’s great when you need to send an email when you process some heavy forms and don’t want the email to slow you down. It’s also great for background syncing of data: for example I needed to persist a local change to a remote db over an API when this little queue came handy. Read more »

Custom domain name on Google App Engine

As I was trying to set up a custom domain name for the Google App Engine app I’m working on, I realized the process is not as straightforward as I expected. Here’s a short rundown of steps I took to get mine working. Read more »

Help! My site is hacked – where to begin?

One day you go to your site that you’ve worked hours, days and weeks to build and your browser shows a security warning – malware has been found on your site! What are you going to do? Here some background and suggested steps to take. Read more »

GiveCamp St. Louis – fun with Joomla for greater good

Spent the weekend at GiveCamp St. Louis – an event to help local charities with their IT needs. Read more »

Android Gallery Tutorial working example

When you follow the Android Gallery Tutorial on the Android dev site using Eclipse and platform 2.2, you may notice that the code will not run. Here’s the working example. Read more »

PHP on Android: Run SL4A + PHP in Android Emulator via Eclipse.

This tutorial assumes that you have set up Eclipse with Android SDK as described here Make sure to install Android SDK 1.6. You will need to create an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that runs on platform 1.6 – we will do this later.

There are really two stages to this project: get SL4A (Scripting Languages For Android) working in the emulator and then install PhpForAndroid.apk on your virtual device. Let’s get started.
Read more »

Android Tab Layout Tutorial working example

So, I’m working through Android tutorials and as it turns out the big G has not done an excellent job with some of the tutes. Little things are missing that break the application. Read more »